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Guitar Lessons by Dave


My approach involves keeping things as simple as possible, guiding my clients to achieve gradual progress with their playing and strengthening their core skills. My programme is flexible to suit - I don't have a curriculum to drag out, but I can offer you an insight into my wealth of knowledge and experience with regards to fundamentals, technique, theory and application. My interest in music and the guitar isn't static and so I continue to branch out with my own playing, knowledge and areas of research. We'll find a good place to get you started, build your musical foundations, then build upon that and have fun playing guitar and learning new things.


I aim to strike a good balance between playing and learning - usually a few minutes experience is better than 10 minutes of explanation. We go at your pace, and just so you know, there's no such thing as too slow, a steady pace is best - I don't run out of patience and you'll need some too, its perhaps the strongest quality a musician can have!

Your first lesson is only £10.00 and in part it allows us the chance to plan part of your route. I teach in a relaxed manner - I'm keen for all my students to make progress with their playing and I understand that there’s no need for unnecessary pressure - this is your hobby or pursuit and I'm here to help.


Lesson content will vary from week to week depending on who you are, what you show interest in and what you want to learn. The teaching will be forward-moving without losing sight of what you enjoy. We work our way up gradually using songs and exercises to promote development. Some of my favorite lessons are where I get to watch the penny drop when a student grasps an answer to a question they've been thinking about and it opens up new doors in their playing and understanding.


Lessons really help a player to develop effective technique and avoid picking up undesirable playing habits. I welcome beginners and students of all levels to come and benefit from taking guitar lessons.

Currently I do all my teaching from home in my music room as it helps me optimize my lesson schedule. It also means you can make full use of the String Fingers facilities. Feel free to contact me with any queries.

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