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About Me
Hi, I'm Dave, the guy you saw on the Homepage. Here's a little about me.
I'm a guitarist, a singer/song-writer, I perform live and I teach guitar. At 15 I started to get stuck in to my playing and haven't stopped yet (my fingers are quite soar now). Like many people, I love music. When it comes to playing the guitar, I've been through the journey of learning the ropes - we all pretty much start at the bottom. I'm happy with my achievements so far, but I'm also excited about what the future holds. Towards the end of my school years I had a real interest in writing songs and so my dad started me off playing the guitar. I quickly became hooked as if a part of me was finally finding expression. Since then my interests in music and the guitar have branched out in ways that I would never have expected.
Music has brought many good things into my life besides from itself. It has allowed me to rub shoulders with people who share my passion for the guitar and for music itself. Over the years I’ve had chance to play in a band and with various musicians, perform to audiences and I'm regularly learning new songs and writing new songs amidst other projects.
Like everybody I have ever asked, I enjoy a variety of music. I started off by playing popular songs and gradually branched out into different genres and over time developed a style of my own. I enjoy writing original material, creating covers of music that I enjoy (check out my Youtube Channel), and jamming with my friends. As you learn to play an instrument and make music, you also find out new things about yourself and discover new possibilities.
Teaching is enjoyable. It is an opportunity to share what I have learned and experienced. Watching groups of people gradually improve week by week knowing you've helped guide them along is a satisfying experience. If you want to learn to play guitar and understand music with me or have any questions, take a look on over at the Lessons section and feel free to get in Contact.

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